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Glass Baby Bottle Score!

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We went to the grocery store last night after dinner (Fry’s, which is the name of the Kroger stores in AZ) to pick up a few things. Mr. MR ran into the baby aisle, attracted by the SpongeBob sippy cups, and I followed him, feeling kinda amused, to check out what they had. I haven’t been in the baby aisle of a grocery store in a looooooooong time, as DangerGirl is still BFing (never had formula), and both kiddos are exclusively cloth diapered. I also think that commercial “baby food” (even the “natural” and “organic” versions I’ve tried) is disgusting, and so the littles have always eaten age-appropriate preparations of whatever I’m eating.

Mr. MR gave about two seconds’ glance at the cheap plastic toys (yay!) and went back to looking at sippy cups and plastic dishes. I decided to check out what the store carried in the way of bottles…when we go places in the car, it’s less messy to have the kids bring a bottle, and I haven’t had luck with any of the various sippy cups or child-sized sport bottles, so I’ve been using the Playtex plastic-holder-and-disposable-liners because it was what was on hand (Playtex, in a fit of marketing genius, had offered free samples of their brand-new BPA-free plastic “holder.” Gotta love the internets.). After running out of disposable liners recently, I’ve been putting off buying more (I’m not entirely sure what kind of plastic they are made with, but I have serious doubts it’s a “safe” kind).

I took a look at some glass bottles recently…these ones, sold by Bornfree: Two 5 oz. glass bottles, $17.99.

Yep, that’s right. Two 5 oz. glass bottles, $17.99. Target sells the 9 oz. version singly for $10.99. The Thinking Mama, suffering from what the Government might call “an economic downturn,” decided that I’d just have to pinch some pennies and save up some money to buy new bottles and figure out something else for the time being. (If you’re wondering what the big deal is with plastic baby bottles…Google “BPA” (bisphenol-A) and then move on to phthalates. Both disrupt hormone function, as well as causing a host of other problems, and both have (until recently) been commonly found in baby bottles, pacifiers, and other “feeding” utensils.)

So, back to last night, at the Fry’s. Several brands are now offering “BPA-free” plastic bottles…just as I was about to grab a package of Evenflo BPA-Free “Classic” polypropylene bottles I saw them…a 3-pack of Evenflo “Classic” GLASS bottles, on sale for $5.75! I scraped together the change in my purse and got a package. The littles are delighted, and so am I! 😀


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March 10, 2009 at 9:16 pm

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