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Ah, Arizona Weather

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Well, due to one of those freak northern Arizona mountains storm systems, the garden has taken up temporary residence in my living room and kitchen again. Currently 38.5* F, I have serious doubts we’ll see the 59* high temp that was forecast…and I’m very glad I brought them in last night (mostly due to the wind) because it dropped lower than predicted overnight and has been trying to precipitate. They call it “wintry mix” but it’s no where near as pleasant as it sounds :p

However, my ultra-early mobile planting attempt seems to be working, because everything is growing beautifully! Because of the elevation, this part of the state is actually considered zone 2, and the traditional adage of gardeners in the area says to plant outdoors on Mother’s Day. Yes, late frosts (and even snows) happen into May! I’ve got a little longer before this will safely be a totally outdoors garden, but with the containers and weather-watching, I should hopefully be enjoying fresh veggies from my plants about the time others are starting 🙂 I’d like to extend this in to a year-round garden, depending on how successful certain plants are.


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April 8, 2011 at 9:49 pm

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