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the Knook, pt 1

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It recently came to my attention through Ravelry that a major craft publishing company had created a kit for the “Knooking” aka “knitting with a crochet hook” technique of knitting.The Leisure Arts kit is being distributed through Walmart initially, going out to stores with their fall merchandising reset. I’ve been watching one of the local Walmarts for the kit, and they finally came in.

The kit was $6.97 (although prices apparently vary by location, in the groups I’m part of I’ve seen a range from $4.97 to $10.97 and I’ve seen a purported copy of an email from a CSR at LA giving a telephone order price of $11.95 plus shipping) and includes 3 bamboo “Knooks” (sizes G/6 (4.00 mm), H/8 (5.00 mm) and I/9 (5.5 mm)), three 36″ long strings (it is a synthetic satin rattail material, like that used in jewelry making), and a 32-page beginner instruction booklet. There is also video instruction available on the internet via their website, as well as more patterns. Additionally, a Knook blog tour just launched on The Crochet Dude’s website, so hopefully more patterns and support for the tool and its possibilities are on their way 🙂

So far, I am really impressed with this little kit. The hooks are fairly high quality–I looked at the drilled holes of each set at my local Walmart and only 2 kits of 5 had a hook with a splinter at the drill hole. I didn’t have any problems putting the string through the hole–the end was singed and compressed slightly, making it easy to thread. The booklet seems to be well-written and the photographs are clear. The “4 Beginner Patterns” are the predictable rectangle variations, but they are well-executed and suited to what is supplied: the ubiquitous beginning knitter garter stitch scarf is a presented as a long cowl, the cotton “spa cloth” has a nice alternating garter and stockinette pattern, the baby blanket is a basketweave-type pattern of 12 smaller squares that are pieced together, and finally a lap blanket worked in 3 panels with reverse stockinette diamonds worked on a stockinette field surrounded by seed stitch borders. While many yarn crafters dislike the “sewing” stage of project construction, in this case it accommodates a shorter more manageable string. Which means that someone at LA was thinking about what’s in the kit and took the time to develop appropriate patterns, and that definitely shows a commendable attention to detail.

This is part one of a series on the subject of knitting done with a crochet-hook-and-string tool (“Knook”). I’ll be talking about the different ways of using the tool to create knitted fabric next 🙂


Written by Sada D.

July 27, 2011 at 7:30 pm

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  1. Thanks for ther info


    August 22, 2011 at 6:15 pm

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