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The Realities of Creative Theft

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I have a very sweet friend that I’ve never met “in real life” (she is one of the founders of a wonderful cloth diapering message board that I joined while pregnant with DangerGirl) but I consider myself blessed to know her. She’s one of the brightest and giving souls I know.

She’s the mother of 4 beautiful girls. She is so very in love with her husband (and he with her) that you just can’t help but adore and admire them. Especially when you find out that he–a brave and honorable military man–was recently diagnosed with cancer.

My friend is also a talented designer and seamstress. She sells patterns for home sewing adorable, functional children’s clothes and beautiful, unique accessories to help support her family.

When her husband was diagnosed, friends rallied around her family immediately. An auction was arranged on their behalf…and being the truly thoughtful and caring people they are, my friend and her husband pledged to donate a portion of those proceeds to help others who find themselves facing the unimaginable.

Given all that…you can imagine the disgust and anger I felt yesterday when I found out that a sewing blogger purchased my friend’s passport wallet pattern and then turned around and released a copy as her own. Not only did she use several of the *exact* pattern pieces from my friend’s design, she even stole the “Thank You” note that my friend sends out to customers.

If you’ve never stopped to give the subject thought, or brushed it off with “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”: THIS is the reality of creative theft. There are real people who are hurt by it. Real families who are really being stolen from.

Rather than give this thief’s shop publicity and increase hits on her blog, I’m going to refrain from including a link or name. Instead, would you please visit my friend’s Etsy shop? Birdiful Stitches Take a look at her lovely patterns. And if you should happen to need an ORIGINAL sewing pattern for a beautiful, functional passport wallet (or E-reader cover, or children’s clothing, etc)…or know someone who does…would you please keep her in mind?


Written by Sada D.

September 24, 2011 at 9:05 am

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3 Responses

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  1. Thank you for not only sharing this situation, but pointing out the negative impact of people’s natural desire to go see the fraudulent products listed!

    I’m going to blog this, as well…

    Tiffany (As For My House)

    September 24, 2011 at 10:58 am

  2. […] You can see her full post over at Mama Pensées. […]

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