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Container Gardening, Year Two

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A few things have changed since last year’s gardening experiment.  We found a new place–a really nice triplex in a good neighborhood.  We have a small fenced backyard, with room for a much bigger garden than I had last year without sacrificing any play space for the kids.

While our landlord is great and I’m sure would have no problem with me putting in a raised garden bed, with my foot injury/chronic pain issue I think it will be easier to go with large planters like I did last year rather than building a bed.  I will be making some changes based on what I learned last year, though.

First, I’ll be replacing the small and medium sized planters I used last year with larger ones.  The large square planters that I used for most of the veggies last year seemed to be the most successful, and the larger window-box style were better than their smaller counterparts for lettuce.

I’ll also be trying a few things that I didn’t plant last year, and adjusting the amounts of some things that I re-plant this year.

The first seeds went in the ground today before I had to take a break and put my foot up to rest.  They’re some of the early/cool weather crops and things that don’t do as well being transplanted, so they went right into the planters outside.  In a few days, I’ll hopefully have some radish, snow pea, and carrot sprouts to take pictures of!



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April 3, 2012 at 11:10 pm

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